The owner of the website at you2chain.com, hereafter referred to as "you2chain", provides an online service that allows the user of the service to enter a user-defined text of up to 80 characters into the Bitcoin blockchain. The text entry is hereafter referred to as "entry". The user of the service is hereafter referred to as "user".

The user is aware that storing the entry in the Bitcoin blockchain is an irreversible process and as such cannot be reversed by the user, nor by you2chain, nor by any third party. The user is explicitly aware that it is not possible to remove his entry from the Bitcoin blockchain or to change the entry in the Bitcoin blockchain.

The user is solely responsible for the textual content of his entry in the Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, the user is advised to check the content of his entry in all aspects before releasing his entry for transmission to the Bitcoin blockchain. This applies in particular to the textual parts of his entry that relate to other persons, such as his or her partner.

Special characters and language-specific characters, such as German umlauts or the like, are not stored and displayed, or are modified and stored incorrectly in the Bitcoin blockchain. Such characters shall not be used for the entry.

The user agrees that his entry will be published on the website of you2chain and that his entry can be viewed there by the public. you2chain explicitly reserves the right to delete the entry of the user published on the website at any time without prior notification and without giving reasons.

The user is aware that retrieving, decrypting and displaying his entry in the Bitcoin blockchain is dependent on so-called "Block Explorers" by third parties. In the event that such block explorers are no longer available, or the respective data in the Bitcoin blockchain is no longer retrieved and displayed by block explorers, the entry is not visible to the user.

Liability claims against you2chain in respect to damages of a material or a non-material nature caused by the use of the you2chain service, are excluded. you2chain assumes no liability for technical transmission errors into the Bitcoin blockchain, which lead to a faulty or changed entry.

The Bitcoin blockchain is considered as a permanent and unchangeable decentralized database. In the event that the Bitcoin blockchain loses its decentralization or is no longer operated, all data stored in the blockchain is not guaranteed. The user is aware that in such a case, the permanence and immutability of his entry are not secured.

you2chain explicitly reserves the right to change, extend or delete the pages of the you2chain website or the entire you2chain application, or to temporarily suspend or finally cease the entire you2chain application including all contents, without prior announcement.

you2chain does not take responsibility for any externally provided contents of linked sites. The contents of linked sites are the sole responsibility of their providers.

If individual clauses of this disclaimer or parts thereof are or become invalid, the remaining clauses remain unaffected.