Love Lock Bitcoin

As a love couple, here you can engrave a personal love lock tightly into the Bitcoin blockchain for 6.90 only. It will be locked for all eternity. Your love lock will be replicated thousands of times and distributed and anchored into more than 10,000 full nodes of the original Bitcoin blockchain.

Removing impossible

No nation, no government, no company, no person can ever remove your love lock from the blockchain, not even you! It will be preserved for you and the world forever.

How it works

You fill in the fields below. Your entry into the Bitcoin blockchain will look like this: (0 of max. 80 characters)

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Name of 1st partner:

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Now throw the key of the lock into the river, where it will remain forever.

Into the blockchain

After sending it off, your new "proof of love" comes firstly in a waiting position, in the so-called "Mempool" of Bitcoin. After a waiting period of about one hour in the mempool, your proof of love is burnt unchangeable into the newest block of the Bitcoin blockchain. Thereafter, your love entry is confirmed repeatedly about every 10 minutes by every subsequent block of the endless blockchain, over and over again.

For all eternity

You can always see your love entry in the Bitcoin blockchain. For this, you use a standard "Block Explorer", for example here...

There you can also retrieve the current number of confirmations of your love entry on-line at any time.

All information about your love entry in the Bitcoin blockchain can be found additionally under the menu item "Blockchain", e.g. the number of your block in the blockchain, your unique Bitcoin transaction number, and so on.

One price for all eternity.
Entry into the original Bitcoin blockchain.
only 6.90 Euro
all fees included

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